Often dogs that are not social with others can live in rural areas and rarely meet dogs on their walks or if in town, want to improve their social skills because they meet so many their behaviour can cause others upset. 


Our weekly walks are social training walks.  Each dog needs to be assessed first to establish its social skills, how the owner is to rectify any unsociable displays and then be able to walk with my own dogs comfortably.

Once this has been established they can join the weekly group walk where there are dogs on and off lead. I will handle your dog at first if you are not confident in a larger group until your dog is happy. 


Throughout the walk we practise recalls, talk about body language and how to address over exuberant behaviour as well as how to establish our boundary when we have nervous dogs on lead.

We aim to walk in different locations each week so your dog gets a varied outlet away from its usual walks. I also provide private social walks for just you and your dog, bringing with me a group of social dogs to walk where you live.

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